Pbn Backlink – White Hat SEO Strategies For Building Links to Your Site

pbn backlink

Pbn backlink | SaketWahi SEO is one of the most effective ways to improve search engine ranking but it should be used carefully as it can damage your site if Google discovers it. The only way to avoid this is by using white hat SEO strategies for building links to your site.

Why You Should Avoid PBN Backlinks

There are a number of reasons you should avoid PBN backlinks. First, they violate Google’s guidelines and are generally unethical. In addition, they can cause your website to lose its rankings if a manual reviewer or the algorithm spots unnatural activity.

PBN Backlinks: What They Are and How They Impact Your SEO

It’s also easy to spot PBNs in their links profile, as they often have a similar backlink profile. A link profile with lots of links from expired domains and exact-match anchor texts is a dead giveaway.

You should also be aware of sites with a high spam score (Moz’s Flow Metric) or sites that have been penalized by Google. Those are good indicators of a potentially toxic domain, and you should be sure to delete them before they hurt your rankings.

Build Your Own PBN

There are two main ways to get PBN links: create your own network or buy them from a third party. While creating your own network is the best option, it’s difficult to do so and requires a lot of work.

Buying links from an existing network isn’t the best choice either. The people who run these networks are often less careful about hiding the sites they own, so you’re at risk of being caught and having your rankings devalued by Google.