Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance

Keeping your tennis court free of debris and dirt is an important part of proper Tennis Court Maintenance. This is especially true for courts that are not used frequently, and in arid climates. A broom with soft nylon or hair-type bristles should be used to sweep the surface regularly. Avoid using a metal broom or pressure washer on the court as it can damage the coatings.

It is also very important to remove standing water from the courts as soon as possible. Long term standing water softens the coating and causes premature wearing of the color. It can also cause mold & mildew to grow on the court. This is especially a problem with concrete courts.

The surface of most clay courts require twice-daily watering to keep them firm and stable. This helps to secure loose top material and reduces the potential of divots and other low spots that form in the court over time.

The Role of Weeds in Tennis Court Maintenance: Prevention and Removal

In addition to watering, it is important to brush the surface on a daily basis. This helps to remove organic debris such as leaves, twigs and grass clippings. It is best to use a broom that is specifically designed for use on Tennis courts (i.e. a Tennis Court broom).

During the reconditioning process, the surface is cleaned, leveled, top dressed, and lines are laid. It is very important that this process be followed exactly to ensure the proper results. For this reason, reconditioning is usually done on an annual basis, although it can be done sooner.