Advantages of CBD Water Soluable

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CBD is poised to explode into the CPG world with major brands incorporating it into drinks, beauty products and more. This is a game-changer for the industry, but there are still major challenges that must be addressed. For example, current products are only a fraction of the way to becoming truly water-soluble. This will boost the absorption of CBD into your bloodstream, and unlock a whole new range of potential benefits. URL

Water-soluble ingredients are easier for your body to absorb than oils, which have to go through the same destructive digestion process as fats. Instead, your water-filled body readily incorporates emulsified CBD particles directly into your circulatory system. This can happen within half an hour, allowing for more accurate dosing and a faster onset of effects.

Liquid Comfort: Exploring the Benefits and Uses of CBD Water Soluble Solutions

Another advantage is that CBD water-soluble doesn’t require any extra processing in the liver, which can slow things down and degrade the molecule. CBD’s water solubility also promotes its antioxidant activity, preventing the formation of oxidized compounds that can damage cells and contribute to aging.

Another advantage is that water-soluble CBD is more bioavailable than oil-based CBD. In a recent study comparing 100mg of a dissolvable CBD isolate powder to an equal dose of oil-soluble CBD dispersed in sesame oil, the water-soluble CBD achieved significantly higher peak concentrations of the active substance in the bloodstream.

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