How Does CBD Help With Tattoo Pain?

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Tattooing is a process that causes pain, especially on sensitive areas like the feet or ribcage. The needles used to create a tattoo go deep into the layers of the skin, leaving it open to painful swelling and redness for weeks after the session. While over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen can help with the pain, they also thin the blood, increasing the risk of bleeding and scarring. CBD’s analgesic properties can help reduce the pain associated with getting a new tattoo, offering an effective alternative to harsh prescription drugs.

Another benefit of adding cbd lotion for foot pain to a tattoo aftercare routine is its ability to soothe itching and irritation. This is particularly important for new tattoos, as itching can lead to infections and promote scarring. According to Healthline, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce itching by lowering inflammation and reducing the skin’s sensitivity to touch.

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In addition to helping with discomfort, CBD can also boost healing and prevent infection. This is why it’s a popular ingredient in tattoo aftercare products, and it’s a natural alternative to many common pharmaceuticals that can cause adverse side effects.

For the best results, it’s recommended to start taking CBD oil capsules, edibles, tinctures or vapes on a consistent schedule a few days before your tattoo appointment. This will allow the oil to build up in your system and have a stronger effect. It’s also possible to apply CBD topical creams directly onto the tattoo, which can be very soothing and provide immediate relief. However, it’s important to note that CBD can affect each person differently, so it’s best to consult a healthcare professional to find the right dosage and method for your specific needs.

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