How Spree Sports Tracks Your Workouts

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Spree Sports is a fitness monitor that measures your heart rate, body temperature, and calorie count using biosensors in an innovative way. It streams this information to your smartphone in real time so you can stay on top of your fitness goals.

Who is father of sports?

The device is a small, sturdy, light-weight piece of hardware that fits easily into your headband. Its front and sides are coated with rubber while the back is covered in clear plastic. The charging port is on one side of the device.

There is a status light that glows in the center of the device when the battery is depleted or charging. The LED also lights up when you pair the device to your phone.

Once paired, the device sends data to your mobile phone via Bluetooth Smart technology. This data is displayed in the custom Spree app on your iOS device and is used to track your workouts including heart rate, distance, speed, calories burned and more.

In order to use the device you must install the Spree app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app requires a connection to your phone’s Bluetooth to send the biometric data to your Spree Sports POD.


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