Inogen Accessories – Choosing the Right One For Your Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Adding the right accessories can make your portable oxygen concentrator more comfortable, easier to carry and easier to use. Whether you’re looking for an external battery charger, a custom G3 backpack or a cart, there are plenty of options available to fit your specific needs. This link inogen accessories –

Inogen offers three portable oxygen concentrators, the Inogen One G3, Inogen One G4 and Inogen One G5. The G5 is the most popular model and it features a mix of innovative technology. It has six different oxygen flow settings, a long battery life and meets FAA requirements for airplane travel. It also has Bluetooth capabilities and can sync with the Inogen Connect App, which gives you a full overview of your oxygen use including filter, cannula and battery status.

Enhancing Your Inogen Experience: Must-Have Accessories for Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The G4 is quieter than the G5 and is easy to use. It’s designed to be worn on your back, which can help reduce physical strain. It’s a great option for active patients, but it doesn’t offer any advanced technology like the G5. The G3 is a little louder than the G4 at 40 dB and has limited storage space.

If you’re unsure which Inogen model is best for you, speak with your doctor or get a sleep test to find out what kind of flow and level of oxygen you need at night. Once you know, go to the Inogen website and add a single or double battery and a three-year or unlimited warranty to your shopping cart.

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