Is Mail Order Marijuana a Safe Bet?

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Mail Order Marijuana

With the rise of legal cannabis, some are turning to the postal service for their marijuana deliveries. But is mailing weed a safe bet? After all, the federal government continues to prohibit the transportation of Schedule I drugs in mail and courier services, meaning that a drug found in a package sent by USPS or FedEx can land you in serious legal trouble.

That’s why it’s important to find a legitimate, reliable Mail Order Marijuana company. Look for a website that offers the complete range of legal marijuana products available in your state, including weed flowers, edibles, and top-shelf vapes. The best online weed companies will also offer exceptional customer support and a secure checkout process.

The Rise of Mail Order Marijuana: A Comprehensive Guide

While some legal dispensaries are opening in New York City, most people will continue to rely on mail-order cannabis. And the process is pretty simple. Browse menus on your phone while you wait for the subway to work, and place an order for pick-up later in the day at a licensed dispensary. Then, after work, swing by the shop to show your ID and get your bag of weed and accessories.

But there’s a catch, and it’s a big one. If the USPS or a private courier suspects that your shipment contains illegal drugs, then they have the right to search it and could even turn you over to the authorities. The penalty for this is usually some jail time and a hefty fine.

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