Jeremy Piven

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With a storied career that spans more than four decades, Jeremy Piven socials has earned countless accolades for his acting prowess. The three-time Emmy winner, who landed the role of Ari Gold in Entourage, is a multi-talented actor and philanthropist with a dedication to his craft that has earned him widespread recognition.

The son of Byrne and Joyce Piven, the founders of New York City’s famous Piven Theatre Workshop, Jeremy Piven grew up with a solid foundation in theater and acting. He also studied at the Second City National Touring Company, further strengthening his skills as a comedian. Piven’s early stage work and professional training would pay off when he made the transition to features in films such as Lucas (1986).

Jeremy Piven’s Style Evolution: Red Carpet Moments and More

Having built a reputation for himself with a number of notable film roles, including starring alongside Richard Dreyfuss in the witty hit man-goes-home-for-high-school-reunion comedy Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), Piven was soon courted by producers for television series. He made his mark on the small screen with critically acclaimed shows like Mr. Selfridges (ITV/PBS 2013-16), a drama about the founder of London’s famed Selfridge department store.

The talented actor also starred as Joel Lapchick in the ESPN miniseries Sweetwater (2022). In this film, he portrays a sports agent who helped break the color barrier in the NBA in 1950. Besides his acting, Piven has been an active philanthropist and works with organizations that focus on environmental conservation and sustainable living.

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